Memorial Day 2014

I’ve wrestled with the idea of doing this post for a while. On the one hand, I don’t like when people seem to brag about the charitable acts they do. When a person speaks publicly about the selfless acts they participate in, I feel like it cheapens both the person and the gesture. Similar to a politician’s photo op, I… Read more →

Fly Fishing Support Group

Anglers, I Have a Confession

I hate tying flies. There, I said it. Let the ostracism commence. I’m not sorry. I don’t have the genomes that allow me to enjoy being that miserable.  It’s tedious and frustrating at best; at worst I get so angry I have to sit in the corner and count to ten. I have the heaviest thread I can find and… Read more →


I Should Not Have Said That

Prologue: I circulate through social media randomly.  There isn’t enough time in the day for me to keep up with all of them, so I randomly rotate through them for varying amounts of time.  It’s usually until I get tired of the repetitiveness, or something new happens to catch and hold my attention elsewhere.  After the death of MySpace, Facebook was king.  … Read more →

In vino veritas

On Writing Drunk (In Vino Veritas)

Hemingway may have been on to something, but I missed it.  He is quoted as saying, “Write drunk and edit sober.”  Drunk me is a writer on the caliber of the ‘Fun with Dick and Jane’ books, “Brandon has a drink.  Drink, Brandon drink!”  Editing that crap would take too much time. The last time I was drunk, I laid… Read more →