Un Párrafo Mal Escrito Sobre El Sol

A good southern sun is one of the few times when man understands the nurturing life gifted our planet.  As the pleasant beam washes over a frigid face, one can almost understand the why the old gods lasted for so many millenia.    Conversely, the sun during summer bears fiercely on your skin directly overhead, hating your every visible move and punishing it with divine intensity.… Read more →

Donald Trump is not here

OBIF’s Favorite Things

Sick of played-out year-end posts?  Instead of annoying you with contrite soliloquies on the year passed or waxing poetic about the future or some lofty goals, my purpose with this post is to highlight some of the products I used in my 2015 that I believe you might like for your 2016.   Sticker shock shouldn’t be an issue here either.  I am a pretty… Read more →


Shadows meander beneath the rippled reflection of a cloudless sky.  Crouch low enough to feel hidden, stand tall enough to stay aware.  Add more line to the argosy of pigment circumscribing your knees.  Feel excitement bead on your forehead and drip into your eyes.  Hurry before the course changes. Load. Aim. Fire.   Then wait.   Wait…   Wait…  … Read more →


On becoming a writer: There are times when inspiration strikes, when subjects or story arcs begin to formulate during events in which my mind is allowed to wander.  When time presents itself to record these snippets of creativity, someone shakes the etch-a-sketch, vigorously.  Write them down, you say?  Showering and driving are difficult times to record my latest blog ideas,… Read more →