Things That Aren’t Tailing Redfish

I don’t understand the salt life. Not when it comes to fly fishing, at least.  Anglers from all walks of life have had astounding successes, yet for me it remains the Kobayashi Maru.  I can’t for the life of me unlock the magic that I see on my instagram feed.  Have you ever checked out what Austin Orr brings to hand?  What… Read more →

Shoulder the Rod

Haters, Inc

What’s with the the hatred on the “over the shoulder fly rod” hero shots on social media lately?  They showed up on my news feed recently along with a sudden anti-cargo shorts “movement” that I am currently taking personally.  There are some aspects of it I understand, (the hatred towards the over-the-shoulder shots, not cargo shorts) as there aren’t very… Read more →


First Impressions

This isn’t just tacky name dropping, it’s horribly sleazy name dropping.  Yet I continue with this poor taste post that I was bored enough inspired to write about; the first (or most lasting) impressions I remember from the fly fishing people I have met in my life.  I’ll start with four names; if this vain, garish post doesn’t drive you away…  I’ll post more. I remember the first… Read more →

Biggest Joke in Texas

Texas is Trashed.

Texas is trashed and I am not talking about Texas State University. I mean it has been filled with literal trash.  The people who live there, the visitors that travel there, and the businesses that profit from the beach are doing their best to turn the “Third Coast” into a “Dirty Third”.  Dirty however doesn’t begin to cover the mess, disgusting is a… Read more →