One Day, Two Rivers Part Two

This is the continuation from yesterday’s video. After catching my first female white bass, it was time to go pre-fish #FlyStock. Let me tell you, this river is HEALTHY. As you can see from the skies in both videos there was a front moving in, and the fish were pushed down. Still think I had a pretty good couple of hours.

All the fish caught in the video, were done so on one fly. That fly is Rainey’s Carp Tease. I was fishing Black/Red and Travis (who caught the “Fish of the Day!”) was using an olive one. It is a killer pattern if you are thinking of attending.

On a side note, how about that music? Check out more from the same guy at his website, and if you have already some spare cash, check this out too.

Hope you don’t hate the editing, I am still figuring things out.

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