Exodus Texas

Cool Name, Huh?

This journey, is still very fresh in my memory. So much so, that I shudder a bit when I get in the Jeep to go anywhere. I chronicled my trip by taking notes in Gmail thinking I would clean them up for a post. Instead, I present them to you in raw form with notes underneath to further explain (if needed). The song in parenthesis is what was playing as I was getting back on the road.


First stop, West Texas. 140 miles into my trip, trailer holding up well 15.3 miles to the gallon. Stop for kolaches and sweet-tea. The pain of leaving her is hanging over my shoulder.
I was supposed to go see a bunch of people before I left Austin. I couldn’t. I had to put some distance down, get in to road-trip mode so to speak. The siren call of The Czech Stop couldn’t be ignored.

You can’t resist this… Well, I couldn’t anyway.

124.2 miles later pee on the side of the road. First casualty of moving were ill placed mason jars. Cut my finger trying to salvage some of them. (Texas On My Mind, Pat Green.)

I coulda been killed.

176.6 miles since last fill-up, crossed the Red River and left the world of the frontage roads behind me. Also, I am out of tea again. (I’m A King Bee, The Stone Foxes.)

198.2 miles since last fill up Atoka, Oklahoma. Home of the world’s smallest Wat-Mart. Stopped for gas, and tea. The weather, is warm. And everywhere there is a casino of some sort. (Too Close, Alex Clare)

If you look really close, you can see the Wal-Mart.

6.2 miles since last stop; had to turn on the AC.  Hit construction, fun. (Hoochie Mama, 2 Live Crew)

72.0 miles since fill up. Stopped roadside in the Muscogee (Creek) Nation to pee again, kept my scalp. I should have peed at the Love station. Trailer holding up well. (Convoy, C.W. McCall)

138.3 stop to take a picture of an old warehouse behind the Amish Cheese Factory in BFE, Oklahoma. (Longfall, The Lost Trailers)

I have a thing for old buildings.

172.3 refuel and stop at what is quite possibly the only McDonalds w/out a drive thru. Saw a dude counting change in line; I looked around and saw an old Alice Pack and a guitar. Jumped him in line and told the chick to let him order any food he wanted. Dude (Wesley) only got a McDouble and a drink. 18 miles to the gallon. Wow! My fries were terrible. (Steady at the Wheel, Shooter Jennings)

Had to walk up stairs to get my food. That made it healthy, right?

156. to miles since last fill up. Just looked out the driver side window and the Big Dipper is HUGE on the horizon. Big as hell. ( Dirty Deeds,  AC/DC)

199 miles. Fill up, pee and purchase redbull. Definitely chilly. 14 miles per gallon, so the hills are taking their toll. (Summertime, Wayne “The Train” Hancock) Tried to pop my knee and tweaked it instead. Now I’m pimp-walking in my TFM Comrade© hoodie. Got a gallon of tea and a cup o’ ice too. Nice dude that almost ran me over, (I wasn’t paying attention) wished me a good trip. Totally detoured Route 66 for a bit, just because.

Just the essentials…

3.6 miles since last stop; I should have clean my windshield. Side note, Missouri is apparently the state to live in if your smoker 30 dollars a carton.

68.3 miles BFE Missouri just passed a high speed chase on the westbound lanes 2304. (Six Days on the Road, Sawyer Brown)

74.7 miles from last fill up. Stopped at a rest area after making plans to meet with Will King @ a 0400 breakfast. It’s a cold 2330 as I type my notes.


74.7 miles from last fill up. 0255 up and heading out to St. Louis to meet Will King for breakfast. (This Old Porch, Lyle Lovett version) brought to you by the letter “Z” as in the shape I was in. Need to remember to clean my windshield.

116.3 miles since fill up. Met Will King for breakfast. Will struck me as deep and thought provoking, asked questions like a philosopher. Tried to talk him into blogging again.  Beat me to the bill, still not sure how he did that. 0555. (I Still Miss Someone, Robert Earl Keene)


192.9 miles. Fill up. Cold. As. Balls. 15.6 miles per gallon. Filled one tank, emptied the other.

Those are Fly Rods in the top-right.

52.1 mile since last stop. Just realized I still didn’t clean my windshield. I’ve decided to name him Bob. What’s left of him anyway. Bob was an adrenaline junkie whose last flight was miscalculated. (Too Close, Alex Clare)

R.I.P. Bob, he was a grand bug, but his time had come.

256.8 empty one, fill the other. 16.2 mpg. Cold and windy now.  Hungry.  Bob is gone, he was in the way too much.  Tea is gone.  Patience is gone. (Guinevere, Eli Young Band)

The last state sign I’m going to see for a while.

135.7 since last fill up. Had to pee and was thirsty. The jeep and I are starting to meld into one. Dos Horas. Resisting the urge to steer into a rear quarter-panel, downshift, and punch the gas. I’m cranky. (Man To Man, Gary Allan)

150.3 miles since last stop.  Calling any friend who has time to talk, delirium growing.  Listening to the same song over and over (Too Close, Alex Clare)

205.3. Unstoppable like Godzilla riding a stegosaurus, wearing a serape, wielding Heman’s sword. (Too Close, Alex Clare) 15 minutes left.

The Jeep and Trailer, no worse for wear.

So that’s it! That was my journey in a nutshell. Thanks for taking it with me, and thanks for the comments! More posts to come soon, including my first trip to a fly shop in Michigan! Oh, and Texans? If you see this girl, tell her I miss her, would ya?


Ha, I’m a stinker.

  3 comments for “Exodus Texas

  1. October 15, 2012 at 08:32

    Now THAT’s a road trip. Thanks for bringing us along. Glad you faired better than Bob.

    Now the fun begins.

  2. October 15, 2012 at 18:47

    Brought ‘er on through without a scratch and only a couple loose screws. Now, go find something with teeth and throw a fly at it.

    Steelheading will pwn you, but it’s something you come back for over and over again.

  3. October 15, 2012 at 22:59

    Glad you made it in one piece. I agree with Austin’s comment about finding something with teeth to throw a fly at.

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