Baby Steps

Photo: Chris Johnson Edit: Chris Johnson / OBIF

Photo: Chris Johnson
Edit: Chris Johnson / OBIF

I’ve been trying to get back in the blogging world.  Doing it with any pomp or circumstance feels empty.  I feel like I have abandoned the few people who read what I had to say and thus do not deserve a glorious return.

Instead, I should earn it back slowly; one post at a time.


What happened to me? I was there. I was being read by quality people and making some amazing connections that I would have never made without blogging. I know it sounds cliche, but I got a girlfriend and quit blogging.   The two were related only because of this; blogging was fruit fertilized by loneliness. The blogging seed was loneliness that I planted in Twitter and quickly outgrew its lattice.  I repotted to the blog.  Then after it started to bear fruit, I quit tending.

Magically, I found Courtney and fought my way out of the friendzone; suddenly I wasn’t so lonely. With no fertilizer, the fruit dried up (sort of like this metaphor).   I miss it though. I miss the writing practice. I miss reading the comments. I miss the friends. The drive to blog was dormant; this was not a result of my fishing.  I haven’t stopped fishing; I only stopped telling y’all about it.

Even better, player two entered the fishing game. She was good, and picked up great faster than anyone I have ever had the pleasure of watching. Suddenly, I was watching her all the time. Watching her cast become longer and tighter, and her suddenly out fishing me was amazing. She was making me proud everywhere we went.  She didn’t see it of course, but I did.  I wasn’t making videos of me anymore, but I was taking pictures of her.  I was investing in her…  In us.

That’s where I have been.  Sorry I didn’t write.  I did take some pictures though,

_DSC0420 _DSC0417 That's a toaster!

Excellent Guide

Photo by Chris Johnson


Photo by Chris Johnson

Photo by Chris Johnson

Look at that face! Courtney No, I will not tell you where this was

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  1. Mom2OBIF
    March 12, 2014 at 15:11

    Looking forward to seeing more of you both. Love you.

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