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I haven’t been fishing in a long time.

I haven’t written in a long time.

What have I been doing?

I have been managing a couple of Facebook Groups that I’m really proud of.  I have also been working hard at my job.  I have a position of some importance at a respected service company in Austin.  I have reconnected with old friends, and attempted to make new one.  I broken the Jeep, fixed the Jeep, and broken the Jeep again.  I bought my first pistol and rediscovered my love of shooting and firearms.  I have worked to make my relationship with Courtney better and stronger as we march forward in life.  I beat diabetes into submission.  Spoiler alert; both Diabetes and shooting are going to be featured in this blog in the future.  I recently watched the movie ‘American Sniper’, about “The Legend” (former) Chief Petty Officer Chris Kyle.

Side note… I loved the movie but it didn’t escape me that Cooper and Eastwood stole the story arc straight out of the hands of GySgt. Carlos N. Hathcock II. CPO Kyle never played “Dueling Snipers”, but Gunny did.  What I did like about it was that Chris took time to work with other vets after his service was finished.  More former service members should follow suit.  No one knows us like us, right?  They were our wingmen, our battle buddies, our shipmates… our family.  That hasn’t changed, they are still our family, and at the risk of being VERY corny:
Join the American Legion or the VFW and participate, find groups that are working to support those that answered the call.  In the first meeting of my pet project, the “Austin Veteran’s Network” met at a local pub to play an adult version of Apples to Apples while discussing the mission of our little group.  One of the themes that kept floating around in the conversation is that everyone that joined and successfully completed their service is different from the rest of their peers and that can make coping with life post-service a little complicated.  Missing limbs and PTSD are the first things that come to mind for most people, but there are other things that plague service members too.  Survivor’s guilt isn’t as famous as PTSD but it is just as prevalent.  To a much lesser degree, there are people who weren’t called to deploy; people who volunteered and weren’t chosen that feel ashamed of their military service.  There are so many service related issues that can sit heavy on the chest of a veteran, and most of the time it is only other veterans that can help.

Moving on to other topics, Courtney and I have been shooting a lot recently, and we are loving it.  Courtney bought a couple of pistols in 9×19 and I have purchased one 1911, in .45acp and one lever action 30-30 that is going to be a project gun.  We are also applying for our concealed handgun license, in hopes that a licensed open-carry bill will be presented to and signed by newly inaugurated Texas Governor Greg Abbott.

His and Hers

We did good.

Those are the updates for now.

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