Because I’m Different?

I lost my knife.


I mean I don’t know where it is, but I am SURE it is in my house somewhere.  I recently decked a portion of the attic and pulled out of my storage building that I have been sinking money into for an extremely long time. I am sure that I misplaced it somewhere in that process. The end result is the same however, I am without a knife.


In the process of moving, I found some older knives.  Let me back up; while I was active duty, I was issued a knife.  It was a Benchmade automatic folding knife.  My Dad gave me one a very long time ago and I was issued one nearly as long ago.  I lost one (not sure which) during several address changes ago, and now I am missing the other one.  Long story short, I have been used to a knife that I can deploy with one hand and the push of a button.  Like I said, I found some older knives and decided to try them out.


The first choice was pure nostalgia; my old scout knife. It sits in the bottom of my pocket and requires two hands to brandish.  It was fun to remember all the whittling I did with it, but it wasn’t suiting my needs now.  Things sitting in the bottom of my pocket also is a pet peeve of mine.

I also found an old Cold Steel knife that I remember being very proud of when I bought it back when Cold Steel was the cool thing to have, before Walmart starting selling them.  It was a great knife, but it wasn’t even spring assisted.  Spoiled, I know… Don’t judge.


When my knife first went missing I carried a bigger fixed blade that I picked up at a gun show.  I like it because it is folded steel, heavy, and unique.  The downside is the looks I get carrying it are a little much.  It’s more knife than I need for an average day.


While taking a detour through the new Bass Pro looking for striper flies for an upcoming trip.


I managed to accidently walk through the knife section, several times.  You know, on accident.  During one of the many accidental trips through the section I began to form an idea.


I guess it is because I am different, but I wanted a fixed blade knife that was small like a pocket knife.  I was formulating this on the go and looking at every knife Bass Pro had to offer.  I was beginning to think I wasn’t going to find it there, that I would have to continue the search online.  I was expecting to spend $150-$200, so imagine my skepticism when the most perfect option I could find was $25.  Enter, the Redhead Paracord Knife


I hated the paracord wrap that it came with, so that was the first thing to go.  The skeleton frame lends itself well  to many different styles of wrap, but I won’t be sticking with it for long.  As an everyday carry, that paracord is going to get real nasty real quick.  I think I’ll try to make my own handles later.

The knife is small, but balances well.  It is thick too, with a sturdy spine.  The curve of the blade has a variety of cutting surfaces.  Slicing meat on the back section, whittling in the front, and all purpose in between.


The finish seems very durable, holding up even after I split oak with it.  There is a 56-58 hrc rating on the blade, meaning it will hold a serious edge without being brittle.


A few strokes on the ceramic sticks and I could shave again.  I haven’t put this knife through any serious paces yet, but I am excited to own it.



The downside?  The nylon sheath is meant to look like Kydex, but it definitely isn’t.  The knife cuts it occasionally and the belt hole isn’t quite wide enough for an average belt.  Furthermore, after extended use the weak plastic sheath has an issue with holding the knife in place. That will be the next upgrade, but will work for now.  The paracord is a horrible option for an EDC knife, but temporarily changing it out to a more robust and solid color cord makes it a little more bearable. Lastly, the hilt of the knife has some kind of hammer ridge on the butt.  It seems like a cool idea, a hammer surface where people would use one, but in everyday use, it just snags my shirt and scrapes my truck seats.


All in all, this knife is fun, solid, and inexpensive.  Despite its bargain bin pricing, it gives the impression that it will be around for a long time to come.

  2 comments for “Because I’m Different?

  1. Mom2OBiF
    December 14, 2015 at 18:23

    I hope that you won’t be carving up the coffee table with this one. 🙂

  2. Mom2OBiF
    December 14, 2015 at 18:25

    Oh! And I refer to those things which I cannot find as, “on hiatus” and the will eventually find their way home…

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