30 Sept 2011 – 29 Sept 2012 Fly Fishing Goals
Inspired by Yukon Goes Fishing & LunkerHunt

1) Make one ‘not-terrible’ video.   Look here…

2) Catch any waterborne species on a mouse pattern. (Inspired by YGF)

3) Go fishing once a day for 30 straight days. \ I did it!

4) Get on someone’s ProStaff.  Check, and respect.  “The Stream Team

5) Finish top 25 on Kayak Wars’ Freshwater Division 2011 (Finished @ 20th) and stay in the top 10 for 2012. Need three to enter, only had two…(I am was in the team named “The Ugly Streamers” )

6) Have FlyStock raise at least $500 dollars to give to Project Healing Waters Fly Fishing.  Lost money, but we will try again.

7) Own a Lamson Waterworks fly reel.

  • 7-alpha) Own a split-cane fly rod.  With like, 6 extra tip sections.
  • 7-bravo) Get that rod insured, before it comes out of the box.

8 ) Catch a New Species.

  • 8-alpha) Catch a White Crappie or Black Crappie, whichever, I’m equal opportunity.
  • 8-bravo) Catch a Cuttie.
  • 8-charlie) Catch a Tilapia.
  • 8-delta) Catch a Snook.
  • 8-echo) Catch a Grass Carp.
  • 8-foxtrot) Catch a Riverine Striper.
  • 8-golf) Catch a Buffalo Sucker. Done 23 Feb 2012 @ “The Steps” in Circleville, Tx
  • 8-hotel) Catch a Bowfin.

9) Fish with dieFische. (Goal update: Met him @GRTU TroutFest.  It might happen!)  It did!

10) Set a Texas ‘Body of Water Record”.

  • 10-alpha) Set a Texas Fly Rod Record.

11) Fish in Colorado.

12) Catch a trout with that huge salmon “super-predator” mouth.

13) Find a state I want to move to.  (Update: Looks like Michigan.  Job is taken care of though.)

  • 13-alpha) Move to said state.
  • 13-bravo) Find a job there.

14) Catch all 8 species of Black Bass.

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