27 Sept 2012 – 26 Sept 2013 Fly Fishing Goals
Inspired by Yukon Goes Fishing & LunkerHunt

1) Catch any waterborne species on a mouse pattern. (Inspired by YGF)

2) Add to my Pro Staff resume which currently includes, “The Stream Team“.

3)Own a Lamson Waterworks fly reel. 

  • 3-alpha) Own a split-cane fly rod.  With like, 6 extra tip sections.
  • 3-bravo) Get that rod insured, before it comes out of the box. 

4) Catch a New Species.

  • 4-alpha) Catch a White Crappie or Black Crappie, whichever, I’m equal opportunity.
  • 4-bravo) Catch a Cuttie.
  • 4-charlie) Catch a Pike.
  • 4-delta) Catch a Snook.
  • 4-echo) Catch a Grass Carp.
  • 4-foxtrot) Catch a Riverine Striper.
  • 4-golf) Catch a Musky.
  • 4-hotel) Catch a Bowfin.

 5)Fish in Colorado.

6) Catch a trout with that huge salmon “super-predator” mouth.

7) Fish with Jason Tucker, Dave Hosler, Justin Keene, and ALL of these guys!

8 )  Make it to the Texas Coast for another “Bohemian Luxury vacation.

9) Prove that Texas has the hardest to catch carp in the whole United States.

10) Learn to drive in the snow. This should probably be higher on the list.

11)  Get into Stage One hypothermia at least 10 times.

12) Catch all 8 species of Black Bass.

13)  Not freeze to death.

14) Get her in “the creel” and keep her there.

Blue Text are holdover goals. Red Text links to awesome content (so click them!).  This color is new stuffs.

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