Who Am I?

OBIF, Brandon Robinson, @OneBugIsFake, or just “That Guy” in some circles (When you click that link, read the info for ‘Poor Man’s Paradise”), is a HVAC Tech/Teacher/Whiz-Kid who learned his craft while serving in the United States Air Force.  After his honorable discharge, he moved to the town of Austin, Tx in a short lived career bid as a booking agent.  It was there that he was fortunate enough to discover the art of Fly Fishing.

After a un-expected life change, One Bug Is Fake started a twitter account under that moniker.  After about a year and 2,000 tweets, the good folks over at TexasRiverBum asked him to contribute to their website.  He was on the fence about it until the guys from Functioning Fishaholics directly copied an email he sent them in a post.  The response from that was not terrible, so he decided to go ahead and write for TRB.  Since then, his work has appeared on several blogs and the opportunities keep rolling in for the “Freelance Blogger”

On 19 June 2012, One Bug is Fake became the first person in history to be put in the #FishChat penalty box with this tweet responding to the question, “#fishchat is looking for your dream fishing partner or guide! Who would that be?”.  It was certainly a historic moment.