There are a few things that happen off the water

Visit the Fallen

Every Year on Memorial Day, in lieu of fishing, barbecues, and mattress sales, I carry out my own version of honoring the spirit of Memorial Day.  The tradition is simple.  I gather up as many people as I can Courtney and a couple of bags of red, white, or blue decorative glass pebbles and we head out to a local cemetery.… Read more →

Un Párrafo Mal Escrito Sobre El Sol

A good southern sun is one of the few times when man understands the nurturing life gifted our planet.  As the pleasant beam washes over a frigid face, one can almost understand the why the old gods lasted for so many millenia.    Conversely, the sun during summer bears fiercely on your skin directly overhead, hating your every visible move and punishing it with divine intensity.… Read more →


On becoming a writer: There are times when inspiration strikes, when subjects or story arcs begin to formulate during events in which my mind is allowed to wander.  When time presents itself to record these snippets of creativity, someone shakes the etch-a-sketch, vigorously.  Write them down, you say?  Showering and driving are difficult times to record my latest blog ideas,… Read more →

New Stuff.

I’m not great at making t-shirts; designs at all really.  The lack of success combined with my inability to completely understand Gimp and Inkscape has left me with no confidence in my ability to make a product that someone would want to buy.  Still though, on and off I get inspired by something and begin attempting to put something together… Read more →

Because I’m Different?

I lost my knife.   I mean I don’t know where it is, but I am SURE it is in my house somewhere.  I recently decked a portion of the attic and pulled out of my storage building that I have been sinking money into for an extremely long time. I am sure that I misplaced it somewhere in that… Read more →

First Impressions

This isn’t just tacky name dropping, it’s horribly sleazy name dropping.  Yet I continue with this poor taste post that I was bored enough inspired to write about; the first (or most lasting) impressions I remember from the fly fishing people I have met in my life.  I’ll start with four names; if this vain, garish post doesn’t drive you away…  I’ll post more. I remember the first… Read more →

Clever Title Loading

I haven’t been fishing in a long time. I haven’t written in a long time. What have I been doing? I have been managing a couple of Facebook Groups that I’m really proud of.  I have also been working hard at my job.  I have a position of some importance at a respected service company in Austin.  I have reconnected with old… Read more →

Memorial Day 2014

I’ve wrestled with the idea of doing this post for a while. On the one hand, I don’t like when people seem to brag about the charitable acts they do. When a person speaks publicly about the selfless acts they participate in, I feel like it cheapens both the person and the gesture. Similar to a politician’s photo op, I… Read more →

Anglers, I Have a Confession

I hate tying flies. There, I said it. Let the ostracism commence. I’m not sorry. I don’t have the genomes that allow me to enjoy being that miserable.  It’s tedious and frustrating at best; at worst I get so angry I have to sit in the corner and count to ten. I have the heaviest thread I can find and… Read more →

I Should Not Have Said That

Prologue: I circulate through social media randomly.  There isn’t enough time in the day for me to keep up with all of them, so I randomly rotate through them for varying amounts of time.  It’s usually until I get tired of the repetitiveness, or something new happens to catch and hold my attention elsewhere.  After the death of MySpace, Facebook was king.  … Read more →

On Writing Drunk (In Vino Veritas)

Hemingway may have been on to something, but I missed it.  He is quoted as saying, “Write drunk and edit sober.”  Drunk me is a writer on the caliber of the ‘Fun with Dick and Jane’ books, “Brandon has a drink.  Drink, Brandon drink!”  Editing that crap would take too much time. The last time I was drunk, I laid… Read more →

GRTU Troutfest 2014

Troutfest 2014 One Bug is Fake participated in GRTU’s Troutfest on the 22nd and 23rd of February 2014 in a different way than normal. Instead of merely attending the show, I was a vendor!  The following post is a link heavy, poorly photographed, and gritty rundown of the event. Most of you who read this blog in the past know that… Read more →

Dear World (A Smoker’s Apology),

On the 27th of October, I attempted something I felt was a huge undertaking.  I decided to quit smoking, but planned on still partaking in the alternatives.  I failed at it within a day.  For me, moderation is rarely an option.  Especially when it comes to cigarettes. If I was to succeed at this, I was going to need to drop… Read more →

Cool Name, Huh?

Exodus Texas

This journey, is still very fresh in my memory. So much so, that I shudder a bit when I get in the Jeep to go anywhere. I chronicled my trip by taking notes in Gmail thinking I would clean them up for a post. Instead, I present them to you in raw form with notes underneath to further explain (if… Read more →

Gypsy Wild

One of the comments that I receive about my writing is that I am not afraid to expose the inner workings of my mind. To a point, that is true. I’ve also been raised to not “air my dirty laundry”… Truth be told, that’s why things have been fairly quiet over here at OBIF. It’s hard to write when you… Read more →

It’s my Cake Day!

Today is the 365th day this blog has been live. Wow, and I was caught unprepared.  Not only am I woefully behind on posts; but I didn’t have anything ready for this date like I had planned!  I wrote this in one sitting, between 0600 and 0848 in between teaching so I would at least have something up to commiserate… Read more →

Stick Figure Fly Fishing.

Lately, I have taken up the drawing of stick figures. Then I made them fish. Then I posted them as kind of a joke, but people seemed to really like them. So, I figured this would be a good place to showcase what I have so far. Read more →

Apologize No More

So, this is a first…   When this site first started, I added stuff that I had written to add some content to a new site.  Since then, I have ALWAYS posted on someone else’s blog; then through the magic of the wordpressing I would load the page within the pages on my site…  Like a dream within a dream,… Read more →

Runnin’ With the Devil

This is my FIRST PRINT ARTICLE, and I am told some 30,000 copies were run, none of which I have my hands on yet. This could be a new thing for me though, and might continue in the near future. Hopefully with pictures that I choose next time. You can flip to page 42-43, or you can click RIGHT HERE… Read more →

The Compleat Infidel

The Compleat Infidel was a post inspired by a talented writer’s take on fly fishing. I could see this particular angler chose a much different approach than I, but did that make either of our choices wrong? I didn’t think so, but it reminded me of times where people seemed to cast me aside when it was clear I wasn’t… Read more →

Showing My Conservative

This was written as a response to someone else’s blog. I don’t even know what blog now, but I do like how this reads. Just because your Dad was in or your friends are in, does NOT mean that you can carry any idea of what those heroes are going through. You have no idea nor can you ever become… Read more →

To Continue in English, Press “1”…

I wrote this sometime ago, and some of my views might have changed, but I decided to not rewrite this. Enjoy. Everybody preaches equality. White men have it the best blah blah bla freaking blah.  Let me break this down. Black People.  Nobody else in this solar system can call you the “N” word or any variation of that despicable… Read more →

Growing Old

  When did you realize that you had grown up?  At what point did you look at yourself in the mirror and see the adult that you have become and not the kid acting out and trying to find a role in life? Were you driving down the road like normal and all of a sudden noticed that EVERYONE around… Read more →


I wrote this a long time after I got out of the military.  I have gotten over most of the issues spoken of here.     I am sitting in front of my computer at 0200 in the morning and I can’t sleep. I have not spoke of this to anybody and I feel compelled to share it with everyone,… Read more →


It’s funny how The silence is so loud Why can’t you be here Why can’t you be near This world spins so fast You’re a voice from the past I am alone and I wish You were here to kiss I long for a time When your hand was in mine I saw my future in your eyes Now you’re… Read more →

Love Letter

I wrote this after my last  big break up on the 24th of July, 2005.  It’s open, heartfelt, and complete crap.  I considered not sharing it at all, but here it is. -Hey Girl-         Thank God, I am glad you made it.  I have been looking all over for you, from one side of the states… Read more →

15 Seconds of Celebrity

What do I have in common with these people? This list is only a sampling of the various performers that have stood on the Ryman stage…….Roy Acuff*, Fruit Jar Drinkers*, Dolly Parton*, Don Gibson*, Tori Amos, Bill Anderson*, Betty Grable, Norman Vincent Peale, Minnie Pearl*, Eddy Arnold*, Chet Atkins*, Emmylou Harris, Webb Pierce*, Gene Autry, Hawkshaw Hawkins*, Erykah Badu, George… Read more →