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Texas is Trashed.

Texas is trashed and I am not talking about Texas State University. I mean it has been filled with literal trash.  The people who live there, the visitors that travel there, and the businesses that profit from the beach are doing their best to turn the “Third Coast” into a “Dirty Third”.  Dirty however doesn’t begin to cover the mess, disgusting is a… Read more →

Anglers, I Have a Confession

I hate tying flies. There, I said it. Let the ostracism commence. I’m not sorry. I don’t have the genomes that allow me to enjoy being that miserable.  It’s tedious and frustrating at best; at worst I get so angry I have to sit in the corner and count to ten. I have the heaviest thread I can find and… Read more →

Summer Hoodies

Beards are pretty awesome. Buffs are pretty awesome.  While both beards and buffs are impressively abled, beards suck at keeping the sun off your neck.  Buffs are great at that, almost as if they were built specifically for that sole purpose.  However the relationship between beard hairs and a buff is remarkably similar to that of a cactus and a croker sack.  It doesn’t work.… Read more →

Baby Steps

I’ve been trying to get back in the blogging world.  Doing it with any pomp or circumstance feels empty.  I feel like I have abandoned the few people who read what I had to say and thus do not deserve a glorious return. Instead, I should earn it back slowly; one post at a time.   What happened to me?… Read more →